Compliance Procedures

Process for inquiries regarding salary, benefits, or employee contracts

  1. The employee should share the concern with their immediate supervisor or building level administrator.
  2. If the issue is not resolved to the employee’s satisfaction, contractual issues should be directed to HR/Finance Technician, Melanie Terrell in the Department of Human Resources at (804) 633-5088 ext. 1074. Concerns with payment or benefits should be directed to Finance, Doreen Flint or Pam Blanchard, Department of Budget and Finance at (804) 633-5088 ext. 1092.
  3. Further inquiries may be directed to the Supervisor of Human Resources, Pat Taylor Smith, Department of Human Resources (804) 633-5088 ext. 1073.

The procedure for filing a grievance is different from the above process.  Any grievance that is filed goes directly to the Compliance Officer .  The grievance procedures can be located in the School Board Policies GBM (Professional Staff Grievances, GBMA (Support Staff Grievances), and GBMA-R (Procedure for Adjusting Grievances for Support Staff).

Student Compliance Officer:
Jeff Wick
Coordinator of Safety and Compliance
Student Alternate Compliance Officer:
Dr. Herbert Monroe
Assistant Superintendent
Personnel Compliance Officer:
Debra Holt
Director of Human Resources and Communications
Personnel Alternate Compliance Officer
Dr. Pat Taylor Smith
Human Resources Supervisor